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How Long Does the Divorce Process Take in Illinois?

You have asked an excellent question.  Depending upon the circumstances and grounds pleaded, an uncontested divorce can be over within a matter of weeks, while a contested divorce may take anywhere between six months and two years to finalize.  In rare cases, very highly contested cases can extend beyond two years.

For instance, cases involving short-term marriages or couples without children, real estate, or debt and assets are shorter in duration. As well as, uncontested divorces where both parties agree on all settlement terms.

Divorce cases that involve long-term marriages, real estate, businesses, debts, assets, and retirement benefits are often longer in duration.  Cases where the couples disagree on things, such as, spousal support, child custody and child support will likely also take longer.

Contested divorces, where both parties cannot agree on all settlement terms, usually requires several Court appearances, either in-person or via Zoom.

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