Client Testimonials: Rockford Family Law | Divorce Attorney James Teeter Jr.

The following testimonials are from people, just like you, who came to our firm facing a stressful divorce or other related family law matter.

Les H., Orangeville, IL (2024)

Jim was excellent to work with throughout the divorce process. He had the knowledge and experience that I needed. I would strongly recommend him.

Calvin H., Rockford, IL (2024)

Jim is a great man who really fought for me, and I’m forever indebted to him! His legal assistant, Angela, is amazing! I highly recommend him!

Mark T., Rockton, IL (2024)

James is an awesome guy. Easy to work with very fair and honest man. He actually made the divorce quite pleasant. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Ralph J., WI (2024)

It was a pleasure having Mr. Teeter as my attorney!

Tiare A., Rockford, IL (2024)

Attorney James Teeter was of a lot of help, and very friendly. He got everything done and was very professional.

Kelsey S., MO (2024)

James took care of my case and fought for my children and I. Extremely proud of his results on this case.

Eric B., Rockford, IL (2024)

If you need a divorce lawyer, Jim Teeter is the person you should hire.

Attorney Les D. Wight, MO (2024)

Awesome work up in Illinois! Now we can get back to getting things handled down here, for Kelsey S., in MO.

Nichole K., Winnebago County, IL (2024)

Going into the consultation, I was extremely nervous and had so many questions. Attorney Teeter was very knowledgeable, compassionate, and made sure I understood everything.

Rebecca S., Winnebago County, IL (2023)

Attorney Teeter was wonderful! He was thorough, fast, detailed, and he got it done! So happy with his service! His team was great!

Don K., Belvidere, IL (2023)

Jim has been a rock in my corner during my recent divorce. Jim has always looked out for my best interest. My ex-wife continually would request changes to the Marital Settlement Agreement, Jim would keep me on the straight and narrow to completion. Jim is kind, compassionate and friendly, but he can be a wolf in lamb’s clothing when necessary. I highly recommend him. Thanks, Jim, for everything.

Sheri L., Rockford, IL (2023)

Attorney Teeter was my lawyer in a custody battle with my son’s father. He is very kind and caring. He makes you feel comfortable and like he’s really there for you. I am happy to say that we won our case today. It was hard to hold back tears of joy. Highly recommend him.

Kent E., Rockford, IL (2023)

I want to express my gratitude for the services you have provided during our professional relationship. Your expertise and guidance have been valuable in helping me navigate through the complexities of my divorce. I genuinely appreciate the time and effort you have dedicated to my case. Thank you once again for your dedication and commitment.

Brian K., Pecatonica, IL (2023)

Jim has been a huge help throughout the whole process. He has been a great source of knowledge when things were tough for the family. His interests are purely to help others. Things aren’t always easy or even cut and dry for families going through major changes. Jim provides a friendly face and a warm hand through such difficult times. Sometimes we all need someone to help us see beyond the turmoil. He doesn’t cut corners, he’s available at most times, and he works on each case with passion and care. I highly recommend Jim for any of your family matters that need that extra care. Especially with the quality of work and attention to detail that he provides.

Erica G., Silverlake, WI (2023)

Mr. Teeter helped my fiancé and I with a very long and difficult child custody case. He is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and was also VERY compassionate through this case. His commitment showed throughout the time he worked on this difficult case. If you are looking for a committed family attorney, then go to Mr. Teeter!

Shane S., Brooklyn, WI (2023)

Jim was great and caring. Appreciate the hospitality and being incredibly helpful throughout this hard process. Super friendly, and down to earth! Definitely recommend!

Kim M., Freeport, IL (2023)

Helped me a lot, and I would recommend him to others.

Ryan Q., Winnetka, IL (2023)

Jim takes the time to be thorough, is very personable and knowledgeable. He gives advice that is on point for your situation. Cannot recommend enough.

Vicky R. Winnebago, Co, (2023)

I truly appreciate your time spent on this case. It is invaluable. You really gave me hope where there was not any. My family is appreciative of that. I cannot thank you enough. I will pay your kindness forward!

Richard R., Rockford, IL (2023)

James Teeter handled my family’s situation quickly and head on. He was very knowledgeable, strategic, patient, and empathetic. He was timely in responding to our needs and answering our questions. He handled everything with a lot of care and understanding. He had an assistant that was great at forwarding us all the recorded documentation and follow-ups. I would recommend him if you really want someone, in your corner, fighting your family case.

Tyler W., Winn. Co.(2023)

Mr. Teeter was amazing at helping us manage a confusing case even from a long distance. I could not recommend him more; he did a fantastic job explaining what was going on and helping us navigate it.

MJB, Stephenson Co (2023)

Rockford Family Law was a lifesaver in helping me navigate my divorce, and helped me figure out where to start, when I was lost on what to do.

Tayler S., Belvidere, IL (2023)

Attorney Teeter and his team are fantastic to work with. My case was a bit complex, and he and his team worked very hard to get the mess that it was, cleaned up and taken care of. He approached my case from several different angles, searching for the most appropriate way to smooth things out all the while keeping me informed of any actions he would potentially be taking and making sure above all that I understand the situation and was comfortable with any action he took. I absolutely will turn to Attorney Teeter and his team for any issues that may potentially arise in the future. I would highly recommend Attorney Teeter to anyone who is looking for representation regarding family law issues.

Local Attorney and GAL, Rockford, IL (2023)

Attorney James Teeter provided very good counsel to his client on a recent divorce case, which as the guardian ad litem (GAL) for the child, was not very easy to maneuver through.

Jessie D., Belvidere, IL (2023)

Jim handled my case with great dedication and experience. I was always kept up to date and prepared for court dates. My case was very complex due to child custody concerns. He was able to keep the focus on the best interests of the child. He did an amazing job for me and my family. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing an experienced divorce attorney, especially if you have shared children.

K.S. (2023)

Thank goodness for Jim and all his hard work on my confusing case. I was just beyond upset with my whole situation. The outcome was amazing, and I feel so much better. Seriously amazing work! Thank you for being a great attorney! I can’t thank Rockford Family Law enough!

Tracey T., Loves Park, IL (2023)

Attorney James Teeter was always very helpful!

Seth N., Rockton, IL (2023)

Attorney Teeter is very detailed, thorough, and patient. He knows the law inside and out, as well as, how it applies to your particular case. He works very hard and always made time for me when necessary, including nights and weekends. Thank You!

Wayne G., Rockford, IL (2023)

Jim is amazing to work with! He went above and beyond helping me in my case, even through multiple attempts by my ex to derail things. I whole heartedly recommend Rockford Family Law for any family court needs.

Rachel G., Durand, IL (2023)

Attorney Teeter and I worked together on my case. It was an ongoing case, which was finally resolved. Attorney Teeter is very knowledgeable in what he does. He was an advocate for me, and led me in the right direction. My kids and I are doing great and getting on with our lives (finally)!! Thank you so very much for everything! I highly recommend!!

Alison C., Byron, IL (2023)

Having Attorney Teeter, by my side, through an extremely difficult divorce and custody case has been a life saver. Not only is he responsive when I have questions, but is very supportive of my choices, and he explains everything so that I can understand the process. I am a very quiet person and don’t always know how to speak up for myself, and Jim has always fought for the best interest of my children and I the entire time. I definitely recommend to anyone, needing a divorce or child custody attorney.

Abena AG., Rockford, IL (2023)

Attorney Teeter deserves many more stars!!! He is a great Attorney! I had fired my previous attorney who did a really poor job with my case and a friend recommended Attorney Teeter for a consult. He quickly gathered all the information I needed, gave me a lot of pointers to help me make a good representation in court. I went back to him multiple times and each time, he was patient, attentive and gave great direction which triggered a good outcome on my case . He truly shows that he cares about you and your case. I would hire him again in a heartbeat and definitely would recommend.

Jason S., Roscoe, Illinois (2022)

Attorney James Teeter has assisted me with my child custody and child support cases. He is absolutely fantastic and did a great job. I highly recommend him!

Bryan H., Davis Junction, Illinois (2022)

I have been nothing short of happy with the service Jim has provided. He has been prompt, and understanding to the situation I called him for.

Tina C., Stillman Valley, Illinois (2022)

I hired attorney James Teeter Jr in 2019, and Jim and his staff was very informative, understanding and patient with me. I got through the process, then days before it was finalized, I reconciled my marriage. Jim wanted to make sure I was aware of everything before I made the choice. Then in 2021, without hesitation, I called Attorney Jim Teeter Jr when my marriage just wasn’t going to work and again, he was extremely supportive and flexible with me because my marriage turned unsafe, and Jim was genuinely caring. I NEVER had an issue with not able to reach Jim he is easy to reach and flexible with your schedule.

Hannah P., Roscoe, Illinois (2022)

James, Words cannot express our deep gratitude for the long hours of your dedicated work to keep us safe. Because of your consideration and guidance my daughter and myself can finally be at peace knowing that her father cannot withhold or take her away from me, and the harassing will now be stopped. The work you have done for the both of us was so important and very much appreciated! Thank you.

Michael M., Rockford, Illinois (2022)

James and his staff are very knowledgeable and would definitely recommend!

Jeremiah G., Davis, Illinois (2022)

Jim is very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. I find him to be kind and courteous also. He is always available when you try to call. I recommend him for any of your family law needs.

B.D., Rockford, Illinois (2022)

Very communicative, will give you options and scenarios so you are aware of what several outcomes could be. Very happy with outcome. He worked hard with the information, evidence and concerns we had.

D.H.W., Rockford, Illinois (2022)

Jim is the smartest, most efficient attorney I know. I would recommend Jim to anyone. Go Jim!!!

Matthew N., Schaumberg, Illinois (2021)

Great attorney who thinks about every aspect of the case. I wish I had him when I first got my divorce.

Jason T., Rockford, Illinois (2021)

Thanks for all you do. You’ve helped make a confusing, emotional process easier to walk through, and I appreciate that. Much respect to you.

S. R. Portage, IN (2020)

Very detailed and a great person to work with. He was able to accommodate my case in such a short notice and still able to produce a positive outcome in my favor. Thanks for all the help.

Josh M., Davis Junction, IL (2020)

Jim is honest and truly works for you.

Freddy M., (2020)

Jim is a very knowledgeable, and skilled lawyer, who I would recommend.

Steve K., Winnebago, IL (2019)

James gave me very good advice and he was very nice.

Jeff L., AZ (2019)

As a fellow attorney, I’ve known Jim Teeter for a number of years. I have the upmost respect for his dedication, commitment, and legal abilities. I would highly recommend him.

Kelly L., KS (2019)

I have worked with Jim for many years. He is very reliable, honest, and straight forward. I highly recommend him.

Bette M., Janesville, WI (2018)

I started out with a different lawyer who in my opinion didn’t take the time to know or understand my case from the next. Ultimately I didn’t think he would use the law to obtain the best results for me. I switched to Mr. Teeter who responded to my questions in a very reasonable amount of time either by phone or via email. While Jim has no control over the decisions of the judge he made sure I got a fair deal. He took the time to explain the long-term and short-term effects of decisions that needed to be made. It turns out what I thought I wanted and what I really needed were two different things and Jim’s firm guidance helped me see past the emotional roller coaster and view the big picture. Ok sure, I did have to buy new pots and pans, but I also won custody of the dog!

Jon E., (2017)

This is the second time that I have had the pleasure of doing business with Rockford Family Law, and more specifically, Mr. James Teeter. Each time, Mr. Teeter went above and beyond normal means that I have experienced, with other attorneys, and accomplished all that I had asked him to do. Mr. Teeter did exactly what he said he was going to do, when he said he was going to do it, and how he said he was going to do it. I would, without a doubt, recommend this reputable firm to family and friends.

Catherine, Rockford, Illinois

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your assistance. Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond.

Christopher, Belvidere, Illinois

Jim Teeter, Thank you so much for winning my custody case!!! I received full parenting time of my two children. Thank you so very much for fighting for my father’s rights. I highly recommend James Teeter and will continue to for the rest of my life.

Rory, Rockford, Illinois

Thanks for your great advice through this very difficult time. With your help, I always knew what was going on and what my options were. With all the crazy things that came up, you saved me a lot of stress, time, and money. I highly recommend your support.

Marianne, Rockford, Illinois

Hey Jim, You were absolutely awesome in representing me! Thank you for a great job. I’d recommend you to anyone.

Kristel, Rockford, Illinois

James, Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Mostly, thank you thank you for giving me that boost of self-worth that I have so needed. That has changed my life forever.

Larry, Glendale, AZ

This is just a letter of thank you and for any who may like a recommendation of Service of James Teeter Law Office. The care and help James has provided has been above and beyond help for Legal Services. I just want to sincerely thank you for your Professionalism and Research of Current Laws that apply to my Case. You definitely went the extra mile and understood the nature and stress of going to court for family matters. (Divorce and Separations).

Logan, Rockford, Illinois

Walked me through a very difficult time with kindness and thoroughness. Was available to go over question or concerns. And, when I needed reminders or help to see things get done, Jim, always got me through. I would recommend Jim to anyone looking to get through a divorce.

J.E., Rockford, Illinois

Mr. Teeter did exactly what he said he was going to do, when he said he was going to do it, and how he said he was going to do it. I would, without a doubt, recommend this reputable firm to family and friends.

Jason, Roscoe Illinois

Jim Teeter, Divorce is not easy, time was not on my side, obtaining the knowledge needed to proceed through the process is mind-boggling. I was fortunate to fine Mr. James Teeter. Right from the start, Jim made me feel comfortable and that we would get through this process one step at a time. Jim was available whenever I needed him, I never had a feeling like I was bothering him. If I were to describe Jim to anyone it would have to be smart and willing to fight. Thanks for everything Jim.

Berneda, Machesney Park, Illinois

Dear James, I was pleased to have you as my attorney. You took the time to listen to me and what I wanted to accomplish. You made sure I understood everything that was happening during the divorce process. I would gladly refer you to anyone, whit the confidence that they would have the same friendly and professional experience that I had.

Stephanie, Machesney Park, Illinois

James, I truly appreciate your services through this process. Everything went smooth. I would highly recommend you to anyone going through a divorce. You are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thank you again!

DAG, Rockford, Illinois

I have nothing but positive things to say about Mr. Teeter. Jim is a supportive, friendly, dependable, and a very knowledgeable professional. He is there for you. Besides being a knowledgeable professional, He is also a caring and compassionate person. He is there to inform you and guide you through this very difficult and troubled time. Because my divorce was a very lengthy process. He was always there to support me. Thank you Jim for all of your hard work.

Don, Edgerton, Wisconsin

I greatly appreciate all that you have done for me in helping me with my divorce. I will be happy to recommend you to someone looking for a divorce lawyer.

Juan, Loves Park, Illinois

Thank you for representing me for my divorce. You answered and returned all calls and questions regarding the matter. I appreciate you letting me know what my options were, that was in my best interest. Thanks again,

Melissa, Pecatonica, Illinois

Thank you for all of your help and for being flexible and working with me.

Michael, Valrico, Florida

Thank you for the fantastic representation in handling my divorce case. I was impressed with your attention to detail in law and & ease of conveying options, risks and recommendations based on circumstances presented. I always felt well informed and confident in each decision along the way.

Jason, Janesville, Wisconsin

Jim was great with explaining my options, was flexible with my time, and was a pleasure to work with.

Troy, Rockford, Illinois

Thank you for your great services.

Pat, Village of Roscoe, Illinois

Thank you for being a good attorney for my divorce. You got me maintenance I deserved.

Bryan, Winnebago, Illinois

We worked together to get a fair and good deal not only for myself but also for my son. Great Job and thank you.

Tammy, Belvidere, Illinois

Jim was wonderful from day one. He helped me thru each step and was very thorough and informative. His belief in being “effective” over nasty was the best advice I could have been given. I highly recommend him. Thank you for helping me with this difficult time. 5 stars!

Paul, Rockford, Illinois


Thanks for helping me to hash through the details I wouldn’t have seen on my own. Knowledgeable, considerate & timely.

Rich, Belvidere, Illinois

Jim, I just want to thank you again for a job well done on my divorce and the speed that it was done. I was very pleased with the total outcome of the case. Again, thank you.

Sarah, Rockford, Illinois

I couldn’t be any happier that I hired Jim Teeter for my divorce attorney. He treated me fairly and got me an outcome that will make a huge positive difference in my future. I recommend Jim to anyone who is faced with a divorce. While he was kind and professional to me, he was aggressive and tough with my husband. Thanks so much, Jim. God Bless

Jeffrey, Rockford, Illinois

My divorce began as a simple matter at first which Jim took great care to keep things simple and keep costs at a minimum. After I was divorced for a year or so, there arose a custody dispute. As a father, I was already facing a difficult battle for custody. Jim found many ways to ensure that my custody matters were handled in a way that kept the best interest of my son in mind. Jim knew how to approach the issues faced by fathers pursuing custody and did a great job keeping the case on track and focused on the best interest of my son. Jim is a very thorough attorney and takes the time to do things right the first time. Ultimately, I was awarded full custody. Thanks Jim!

Robbie, Saint Louis, Missouri

Me and my daughter are extremely grateful to Attorney Teeter! My case was a tough one and many attorneys were hesitant because of the complexity of my situation. Attorney Teeter helped turn my situation around and before I knew it I was no longer struggling to see my daughter. He helped prove my case and what was truly in her best interest. I felt like I was his only client and that he was genuinely concerned about the outcome.

Brittany, Machesney Park, Illinois

Thank you for everything! It was a long road but thank you for keeping the kids a priority and making things as smooth as they could go! In the end, it worked out the best way it possibly could have.

Laura, Rockford, Illinois

Attorney James Teeter is very knowledgeable on what all the proper procedures are regarding family law. He works in your best interest at all times. I would recommend him to anyone going through a difficult time, such as a divorce. He lets you set your own pace, but he is completely realistic and honest with you.

Mike, Roscoe, Illinois

Jim, I am really glad I hired you as my attorney for my divorce case. As you know it was a tough case, but you stuck with me to the end. I feel you were always well prepared for court and listened to and followed my directions. You fought aggressively for my rights. I highly recommend Jim Teeter to anyone who is going through a divorce. You really treated me like a friend instead of just a client all the way through this. I appreciate everything you did for me.

Kayleen, Freeport, IL

Jim, Thank you so much for your representation. You did everything possible to put me at ease and make the process as painless as possible. Thanks again!

Ron, Machesney Park, Illinois

My wife and I had been married many, many years. This could have been a contentious and costly case, but we wanted to keep it peaceful and amicable and that is exactly what Jim Teeter did. Jim respected my wishes and followed my directions. My ex-wife and I remain on good speaking terms. If you are looking for an attorney for an uncontested divorce, I highly recommend Jim Teeter. Thanks Jim,

Robert, Rockford, Illinois

I had a mess! Jim calmed me down. Took the time to tell me the short- and long-term goals. Let me know “It’s not as bad as I thought.” He was very kind, professional, friendly, a great listener, who pays strict attention to the details. I made a good choice hiring James Teeter, Jr. Thanks Jim,

Tim, South Beloit, Illinois

Thanks for your assistance with my legal issues. I’m grateful for your professionalism and personal effort, you demonstrated, in dealing with the unique issues that my case presented. I feel, you have gone above and beyond, what most lawyers would have done in my case. The timely and open communication from you, has help me to understand and to deal with this difficult time in my life. The outcome of my case was exactly what I had hope from the start. Thanks again for your time and effort.

Andrew, Jefferson City, Missouri

The divorce process is not easy. However, Jim explained matters to me and smoothly walked me through the process to an acceptable conclusion with a minimum of drama. Thanks, Jim!

Ken, Rockton, IL

You did a fantastic job – way to keep a level head during the thick of the fight. Thanks

Chuck, South Beloit, Illinois

I had a short-term marriage and wanted a simple divorce. Jim, thanks for getting the job done. Thanks Jim.

Eva, Roscoe, Illinois

Thank you, Jim, for helping me with this. I am pleased with the outcome. I have my daughter thanks to you.

Jeff, Rockford, Illinois

My Wife and I were on decent terms and wanted to keep it that way for the sake of our son. I also wanted to keep matters uncontested and get the divorce done cheaply. Jim did what he told me he would do. He made sure I understood the important stuff and followed my directions. He did not cause unneeded tension. I would highly recommend Jim Teeter if you are going through a divorce.

Ellie, Rockford, Illinois

I had a long-term marriage of many years. My husband and I wanted a simple, uncontested divorce. There were however important issues that needed to be addressed. Jim delicately and carefully helped me and my husband work through these issues and conclude our divorce in a decent manner that still protected my rights. Thanks for your guidance and advice.

Kym, Rockford, Illinois

Thanks for wrapping up my divorce. I wanted my divorce to go smoothly. Jim Teeter followed my directions and did what I asked him to do. I didn’t want to do all sorts of paperwork but wanted to keep the divorce simple.

Cletus, Rockford, Illinois

My daughter means the world to me. When my ex-wife decided to move across the country and take her from my life, I hired Jim Teeter. He kept in close communication with me, explained the law to me, and Jim fought hard for me and what was most dear to me. Thank you very much for all your hard work. Thanks to Jim my daughter and my relationship is much more secure, and we can keep building our close relationship. All the best.

Guy, South Beloit, Illinois

I was in a long-term marriage, but my wife and I wanted a simple peaceful resolution. I just needed an attorney to protect my rights and get the ball to the end line without upsetting our relationship or the deal my Wife and I agreed upon. Jim did a great job for me. He explained the law, corrected errors the other attorney put in the agreement and refined the agreement as we had agreed upon; but did not upset the “applecart” or our relationship. Jim followed my directions well. I got what was fair without a lot of arguing or wasted legal fees. I didn’t even have to go to Court. Jim took care of all that for me. Jim, thanks for following my directions and wishes. Jim did a good job and didn’t interfere with our agreement. Thanks again, Jim.

Janet, Beloit, Wisconsin

I knew my divorce wasn’t going to be an easy one. My husband had been married before and was pretty clever at protecting his interests. I would recommend Jim Teeter if you are going through a divorce for several reasons. Jim always responded to my questions and concerns promptly. He was very easy to reach by phone, email, or text. Jim took the time to explain my rights to me, and then fought for what I wanted. His assistant was also very warm and welcoming, and I appreciated him putting us at ease. Jim knew the law, how to negotiate and strategize to get the best deal he could for me. Jim also followed through with my case and honored his commitments to me. Jim thanks for getting me through the divorce and on with my life! Many thanks.

Jay, Rockford, Illinois

I have a spotless reputation and have never been in trouble. I was very upset and scared when I was served with a Stalking No Contact Order and I didn’t know what to do. The smartest thing I did was call Jim Teeter. Jim guided me through the process, explained the law, and relentlessly defended me and my reputation. I am so glad I hired Jim. He was respectful and spoke to me after hours and helped me tremendously. Jim, Thanks for being there for me. I highly recommend Jim Teeter. Thanks again, Jim.

Ray, Rockford, Illinois

I am really glad I picked Jim to be my attorney in my family law matter. Jim was there when I needed him. He carefully answered all of my questions, made himself available after hours to talk with me, and did nothing to inflame the situation. I would highly recommend Jim Teeter if you are faced with a divorce or other family law matter. Thanks, Jim, for a great job!

Kim, Roscoe, Illinois

This was my first marriage. It was a very emotional time for me. My husband made promises as far as how we would deal with the debts and dividing up the assets. When things started to shift and my husband’s attorney just wouldn’t be responsive, Jim came through for me. He got tough when I needed him to be tough, and on top of that Jim explained my rights carefully to me and then respected my decisions. Jim, Thanks for being there for me. You can count on Jim Teeter if you are going through a divorce! Thanks again, Jim.

Brad, Chicago

Thank you so much for your help in winning my son’s child custody case! We certainly could not have done it without your skill and expertise. We were very anxious and uncertain, and you were able to turn things around and turn this into a tremendously positive experience for both of us. Thanks Again!

Jim, Homestead, Florida

I was concerned when my wife filed for divorce against me as I live out of state. I came across Jim Teeter and I am glad I retained Jim as my attorney. Jim listened to my directions and gave me good advice. Jim saved me from appearing in person. I highly recommend Jim Teeter to anyone going through a divorce. Thanks again, Jim!

Francisco, Loves Park, Illinois

My divorce was not an easy one, but I am sure glad I picked Jim Teeter to be my attorney! Jim was there with me the whole way. Jim was there when unreasonable demands were made on me. Jim was there to explain the law to me. Most importantly, Jim was there to fight for my rights which he did aggressively! Thanks Jim for all of the work you did on my case. I highly recommend Jim Teeter to anyone faced with a divorce.

Joshua, Rockford, Illinois

Jim Teeter helped me through a sensitive family law matter. I found Jim through his website. I read the testimonials and hoped them to be true. I can tell you they were true. Jim listened to my needs, carefully explained the law to me, and then worked with me patiently to get the result I wanted. Jim billed me fairly and treated me well. I recommend Jim Teeter highly for anyone facing a family law issue.

Jermaine, Rockford, Illinois

I would highly recommend Jim Teeter for anyone contemplating a divorce. Mr. Teeter represented me in my divorce. Before I hired Mr. Teeter, matters were quite hostile. As soon as Mr. Teeter got involved, matters cooled down to an acceptable level and matters were resolved promptly.

Ronald, Rockford, Illinois

To Whom It May Concern: I am very thankful I hired Mr. Teeter as my Attorney in my divorce. When I was served with the divorce papers, I was very stressed and upset at what was being asked for. Mr. Teeter took the time to explain matters to me, and answered all of my calls promptly as the case went forward. I was sure I would be nervous in Court, but felt much more at ease with Mr. Teeter with me. I am happy with the results of my case, and would highly recommend Mr. Teeter to anyone going through a divorce.

Helen, Machesney Park, Illinois

I highly recommend Mr. Teeter to anyone facing a divorce. He took the time to educate me on how the custody terms of my divorce could affect my children and me for years following the divorce. He listened to my concerns and explained my options, and then argued and fought for the best deal he could get for me and my children. He was very responsive to my texts and calls, always responding promptly. Thanks, Jim, for all of your help!

Sandra, Rockford, Illinois

I am a mother of a young infant who means the world to me. I was in a state of shock and panic when served with divorce papers, and what that would mean for my child and me. I highly recommend Mr. Teeter to anyone facing a divorce. Mr. Teeter acted swiftly to protect my rights and the rights of my child. He listened to what my needs and concerns were and acted swiftly to protect us. Mr. Teeter was very accessible to me by texts, phone calls and even on the weekends. Thank you so much Jim.

Jeff, Rockford, Illinois

I am really glad I hired Jim Teeter to represent me in my divorce. To be honest I generally don’t like attorneys, but Jim was different. I actually like Jim and recommend him every chance I get. He treated me respectfully and aggressively fought for my rights. He was always very responsive to me and kept me well informed on the status of my case. There were several times that he made himself available to talk to me on weekends. Jim really helped me with the stress of my case and got me good results. Thanks for all you do Jim!

Jared, Loves Park, Illinois

I am really glad I picked Jim Teeter to be my attorney for my divorce. I was married for many years and had two children. Jim took the time to explain the law to me, and then argued effectively with the other attorney for my rights. I was treated fairly, and Jim was always responsive to my questions. Summing up my experience working with Jim as my attorney is that he treated me respectfully, fairly and left me with peace of mind following my divorce. Thanks, Jim, for a job well done!

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Submission of information through the contact form does not create an attorney-client relationship, so please do not submit any confidential information. If we are to serve as your attorneys, all fees and the nature of our representation will be set forth in a written agreement.