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Retainer Fees and Hourly Rates

Mr. Teeter charges for his services on an hourly basis. Hourly rates are currently: $215.00 per hour for James O. Teeter, Jr., and $85.00 per hour for Legal Assistant services. Clients are also billed for out-of-pocket expenses. Clients are required to maintain a Security Retainer deposit in Mr. Teeter’s IOLTA Trust Account.  Retainer fees average $2,000 but could be higher or lower based on the complexity of the issue. These rates are subject to change on an annual basis, and we reserve the right to offer lower rates in our discretion.

Payment Methods

Clients are billed on a monthly basis for services rendered and costs incurred. Payments may be made in the form of checks, cash, money orders, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

Our Firm Will Be There for You 

Our role as your law firm is to take on the burden and stress of your matter so that you can carry on with your life.  In a divorce, we know that you are going through a difficult period, and we will help you get through this process so that you can start anew.

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