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How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

There are two ways to look at this question. What will your attorney fees be, or what will be the true total cost of your divorce considering attorney fees, possible Maintenance payments, Property Division, Child Support and numerous other potential costs be.

As far as attorney fees are concerned, it will depend on how complex your divorce is (i.e. how many possible issues there are to fight about) and how litigious your spouse is (i.e. how much he or she wants to fight).   With divorces where the assets are not complicated and the spouses are eager to obtain a divorce quickly, attorney fees can be minimal.  In other divorces, where the assets are many and are complex (such as those involved in dividing up business assets and pension plans and other assets that are not susceptible to easy valuation) and in which the spouses engage in bitter fights concerning the division of assets and custody, attorney fees can be much higher.

Our firm bills for the time spent devoted to representing you and working on your behalf.  We are cognizant of your concern for fees, and will be discussing with you throughout your case the steps that are needed in working toward the goals that you wish to achieve.  As far as the true total cost of your divorce, it may and hopefully would be lower through obtaining a competent divorce attorney.