How Illinois Courts Determine Child Custody

Illinois Courts take their responsibilities to determine the best interests of children of divorcing parents very seriously. Few decisions are harder for Judges as they appreciate the impact their orders will have on the lives of the children.

From a practical standpoint, the Court will seek to determine:

  • which parent has been the children’s past primary caretaker,
  • how the children’s lives post-divorce can be given stability,
  • how to best protect the children from emotional and physical abuse,
  • what is each parent’s capacity to lovingly nurture the children in a structured environment, and
  • whether the custodial parent will strive to maintain the children’s relationship with the non-custodial parent.

In Illinois, courts are instructed to consider the factors included in what is known as the “Best Interest Test.”  These factors cover a wide variety of matters that can impact the stability of children following the divorce.  In general, the courts are to decide custody matters in what is in the best interest of the children.

Our Firm Works Hard to Achieve an Acceptable Outcome for our Client and Their Children.

We know how stressful it is to have to fight for custody of your children.  We can help. We will listen to you, work with Child Custody Specialists, properly present the Court with the information needed to make a good decision about the custody of children in a straight forward, common sense manner, which includes showing how the Court’s order will impact your children’s daily lives.

We are your voice in court. In most instances, child custody matters are resolved in a mutually agreeable manner between the parents through the help and work of their lawyers.  This is the outcome we typically work to achieve, although getting to an acceptable outcome can be a very tedious process.

We take on this burden for our clients, so you do not have to make the case yourself.

We Will be Tenacious in Seeking to Obtain for You the Best Results Possible

We can work to develop a strategy around your child custody objectives.  To learn about other aspects of child custody, please see the links below.

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