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At your wedding you and your spouse not only entered into a new family relationship as Husband and Wife, but also entered into a legal contract. If you are contemplating or facing a divorce, you need to understand how the Court will terminate the marriage contract between you and your spouse, and establish your rights following the divorce.

In most divorces, the primary issues to be decided are alimony or maintenance, property and debt division and, if there are children, child custody, visitation and support. My firm can help you with all of these issues whether your divorce is amicable or contested.

You Feel Stressed and the Divorce Process Seems Overwhelming – We Understand.

When going through a divorce everything seems uncertain including, where the children will live, who will get the marital home, how retirement accounts will be divided up, how future bills will get paid on one pay check, and how the outstanding debt will get divided and paid. Facing a divorce alone, can take an emotional and physical toll on you. You need peace of mind. There is help.

How We Help Reduce Your Stress and Bring Certainty Back to Your Life

We can help reduce the stress of your divorce by taking on the full responsibility for handling legal issues, and by explaining to you how the law applies to your case and how the Court process works.

We start by learning the facts and circumstances of your situation. We gather documents and ask the right questions so that we can accurately assess the financial situation of your marriage. It is our duty to uncover issues you may not have thought to raise. We will listen to your objectives, and provide you with an honest assessment of the likely outcomes you face and the options you have. Together we will develop a strategy toward getting you the best outcome possible.

Qualified, Compassionate Legal Counsel

When the stakes are high and you face uncertainty, you need a trusted lawyer. You will receive straight-forward, honest assessment of your situation and the law. If your spouse is willing, we will avoid unnecessary adversity and seek out areas of agreement. If your spouse or their attorney is unreasonable or intent on pushing you around, we will not run from a fight but meet it head on through goal-oriented objectives.

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