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Unfortunately, being granted a divorce does not always mean all of your family law issues are over. The reality is that circumstances can substantially change over time from when the divorce was granted, and everyone does not follow court orders. As a result, there are many situations which can require post-divorce legal actions.

Modifications Involving Children

Common modification scenarios involve matters affecting children. After being granted a divorce, you may find that (i) the Child Custody & Visitation agreement is simply not working, and the resulting situation is not in your children’s best interests, (ii) your ex-spouse just got a big promotion and raise, and Child Support should be increased, or (iii) you are offered a much better job in another state and want to Relocate with your children. Other modification scenarios involve seeking to have your Maintenance/Alimony continued or increased.

Enforcement scenarios can also frequently arise post-divorce. Your ex-spouse may fail to pay ordered Child Support or Maintenance/Alimony. Your ex-spouse may fail to pay health insurance premiums as ordered, resulting in your health insurance being cancelled.  Your ex-spouse may not turn over property as ordered. These are all important matters.

You have rights that need to be enforced. Depending upon the circumstance we can petition the court on your behalf to have your rights enforced, to find your ex-spouse in contempt of court, to pay attorney’s fees, and sometimes even for jail time.

How We Help Enforce Your Rights and Reduce Your Stress

When the court grants an order, you have rights. If those rights are not being respected, you need a capable and aggressive attorney to enforce your rights. We can help reduce your stress by taking on the full responsibility to either enforce your rights (such as to  get the child support you are owed), or to seek a modification (such as to  get your maintenance/alimony increased).

We start by understanding the facts, then we act swiftly and aggressively to enforce your rights. You do not need to stress over every detail – this is our job.

Find Out How We Can Help

You will receive straightforward and honest advice from our office, and aggressive representation. If you would like to find out more about modification and enforcement, please see the information located at the following links:

If you have gone through a divorce and circumstances have changed post-divorce or your ex-spouse is not following the court order, please contact me so that I can learn about your matter.

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