Illinois Child Custody & Visitation Laws

We understand how important child custody is to you.  Your children are your treasures.

Child Custody is about more than with which parent the children will live with.  It also involves determining how the major decisions regarding the education, health care and religious instruction of your children will be made.

Child Custody decisions are not easily modified and have ramifications for years. As a result, it is important to fully understand every aspect of the custody agreement.

There are three different types of custody arrangements: joint custody, sole custody, and shared custody.  Contrary to common belief, “Joint Custody” does not mean equal decision-making and parenting time.  The provisions of the Joint Parenting Agreement govern how these and other aspects will be handled.

How is Custody Determined in Illinois?

In Illinois, Child Custody issues are governed by the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (the “Illinois Divorce Act”) which directs the Court in custody matters to act in accordance with the “Best Interests Test”. Simply stated, the Judge will seek to determine what custody arrangement is best for the children.

There is an initial presumption for joint legal custody, and a trend towards equality between the mother and father in determining physical custody. The process of determining custody is designed to force the parents to negotiate, with each step becoming more time consuming and expensive.

Nothing is More Important Than Your Children, You Feel Stressed and Want the Divorce Over – We Understand. 

When facing a divorce, past resentments come to the surface and far too often the children are caught in the middle.  It is not uncommon for one parent to attempt to use the children to force a property settlement. Custody issues can also be complicated by mental health and addiction issues.  Nothing can be more harmful to a child than for post-divorce conflicts over the children’s care and upbringing to be ongoing for years.  You need peace of mind. There is help.

How We Help Reduce Your Stress and Protect Your Children

Because of the long-term consequences, you need a capable and knowledgeable Illinois Child Custody Attorney. We can help reduce your stress by taking on the full responsibility for understanding what parenting arrangement is in the best interests of your children, and developing a detailed, customized plan for the custody of your children.

We start by learning about the facts of your situation.  We ask questions and explore and discuss possible alternatives with you so that we can better understand your objectives.  This also helps in negotiating issues that may be contentious.  As your legal counsel, we convey information to the Court, and seek to convince the court that your custody goals are also in the best interest of your children.

We know that every child custody situation is unique, and that a fair, customized custody arrangement that is designed to meet the needs of the children affected will be the arrangement that is most likely to be approved by the court.   When your children’s welfare is at stake, you need a capable attorney whom you can trust.

You will receive straightforward and honest advice from our office. If your spouse is willing, we will avoid unnecessary adversity. If your spouse is not willing, we will work hard to represent you aggressively to protect your rights.

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